Monday, May 23, 2011

Swim like the polar bear! \(^ー^)/

I had been seeing this C2Age thing like..on so many websites and people mentioning it.
I didn't know.. there was an event! HAhAH. ( U o U )
The only event I am working quite hard for is Comifest 2 and then after I had settled stuff for that, it will be for Cosfest.
Oh the unfortunate horror (´Д`)y─┛ When the new unit timetable is released... I will be having lectures, quizes and tutorials on almost every freaking beautiful weekend OTL
How sad!

Ohkay, so Comifest Day 1- Classes end at 1pm. May I switch that day with Cosfest Day 1 where the lecture will end at 4pm! d(´Д`*) This be so depressing. -stabs self-
Now I am rolling the dice, to decide if I should attend Comifest day 1 or not. Well... I did decide that I won't attend day 1. But the probability that the glorious day of Cosfest will be reduced to only 1 day and 2 hours for me.. I am not excited. -slaps self- But... gah ikdk anymore.

Oh hooo...~
Last week before this week (lol? wth)
Managed to chiong the katana, blazer and the blue flames.

This is the before I used double sided tape. Epoxy doesn't work on surfaces thats of the same blood. OTL
I almost wanted to used blutack. Now why didn't I? ...... ┗|*´Д`|┛ヨロ┏| *_ _|┓


The details.. I have to pass some of them. well these are... the 2nd production.
I am so amazing that I forgot I alerady made the katana earlier, and I have step on the freaking blade and... the first version died.
Well... this one the 2nd, isn't too bad. But its uglehhh. -claws face and bleed to death-
Okay. I think I prefer making katana from scratch instead of using premade kids toy ninja katana weapons! yaya~~ Its soo difficult. T_T
Sorry Lisa's method. Easier is harder. (人´ω`)<

Oh I already painted and foiled the blade. Hmm next post I update it. -though I can do it not..but, I am too darn lazy to reach for phone- =w=

The blazer is half way done. Oh man... expensive cloth! Die man when I had to pay for it. :'(
The buttons totalled up to $10. Omigosh. Don't tell my mother. Hahah! ;D

OHKAYS~ Imma going to go study and prepare for work tomorrow.

Born Slippy (NUXX) - NORWAY / ( Underworld Cover )

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Somebody to kill

NOW. Plans time.
Its already 1.20am.

I am suppose to be KO. Crashed dead and pretty much...dead. But I force myself...-slaps self-
to switch on Heine and... listen to the couple..or more like so darn many songs that are running and having a song war in my head that I really cannot sleep.

Its a great day today.

And I just finished the Brain Song War.

KO now.

Next log in shall post here prospective cosplay plans.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

さくら Fest & ユウイのおたんじょうび。  V(U o U)

Yosh finally I can figure out where to get the Japanese keyboard input in Heine.
That aside. Since I didn't blog about this celebration in my LJ, I should do it here.

TBC OTL -need to go for my sis graduation ceremony- =A=